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Financial Benefits of Art Investment


Investing in art remains a popular choice for collectors aiming to diversify their portfolios with luxury assets.

Contemporary Art, Urban Art, and American Pop are recognised as lucrative investments. Marco Olivier limited edition Contemporary Art work gives you a future in investment.

For collectors and investors, Olivier’s work has been recognized and celebrated globally, making it a highly desirable acquisition for art enthusiasts.

His pieces have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and institutions and have garnered critical acclaim for their unique style and aesthetic.

As a result, investing in a piece of Marco Olivier’s art can not only bring financial returns in the future but also offer the satisfaction of owning a piece of contemporary art history.

Furthermore, Olivier’s reputation as an esteemed artist ensures the lasting value of his work, making it a sound investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio with art assets.

Overall, acquiring a piece of Marco Olivier’s art is not only a s smart financial decision but also a rewarding experience for any art lover

An art investor has the added luxury of displaying and enjoying a piece at perhaps home, as office decoration or a focal point in the garden. Especially large sculptures have increased in popularity. However, before investing in any art, a buyer should consider: Superior quality, rarity and scarcity.

As art markets go, those in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are continuously growing with more art galleries than ever opening in Dubai. Also, auction sales are increasing, making Dubai’s art scene a very attractive option for international buyers.

Investing in art has always been a sound investment, but even more so in the current fluctuating money market. The returns are excellent with the global art market rising and art considered as financially robust.

Finding that rare piece of art, and especially if it is one-of-a-kind, the scarcity carries guaranteed profits. Art, as opposed to any other investment option, is not sensitive to interest rate fluctuations.

The various genres cater for every taste, be it avant garde or more traditional – underscoring the belief that no price is too high for beauty and to reiterate the old adage – “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” And in this instance, it increases in value over time.

Many investors loan their artwork to museums, promoting not only the artist’s work, but showing off the beauty of a piece.

Art galleries which are mushrooming in Dubai are ideal networking spaces as the work of an artist is promoted among investors who are always searching for something new and different.

However, like any other investment, art investment requires consultation. It’s not as simple as buying a painting we like. The artwork should have a potential to sell with greater returns. Therefore, the art that sells should be the one in which an investment should be made.

As said before, making a profit from art is a long-term project, but it promises substantial returns in the future. While beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, an informed and keen buyer will be open to the works of newer artists.

Marco Olivier Artiste Extraordinaire

For the discerning art buyer/investor, there is no need to look further than leading South African sculptor, Marco Olivier.

Known for his installation of numerous public art pieces across the country, his larger-than-life, original art pieces in resin and bronze, are recognized for their unique texture and painting effects.

His unique brand has even featured in a Netflix series, Blood and Water and as part of movie sets of various filming companies.

Some of his notable pieces also include a 3m bronze sculpture and a 4m face sculpture in Cape Town. He has just completed a commissioned 6m face sculpture for a private company.

Selected last year to represent South Africa at the German Art Symposium Competition, Olivier’s talent has been featured in various national and international magazines. Boutique galleries in Italy, Belgium and Mauritius are already displaying his work.

In addition to his public art installations, Olivier also offers a range of unique sculpture and limited edition artworks, accepting commissions for custom-built sculptures, including portraitures.

Finally, he also offers structural art for architects and property developers, as well as functional art.

It is only a matter of time before Olivier is ranked among the top artists around the world and an investment in his work, is guaranteed to be profitable as this South African is literally carving out his place in the art world.


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