Marco Olivier Sculptures



Total weight of the brooch (blue face is 50.33g , 18k gold 39.07g and Titanium 10.795g along with 2.585cts of natural white diamonds)

Inspired by 《Mountains and Seas》,which is a classic ancient Chinese literature that has existed for centuries.
Rosefinch, also known as “Vermilion bird” which has a physical appearance like Phoenix, the ancient Chinese myth of the God of the South. Rosefinch represented as fire, which never burns out and has strong vitality.
We featured iconic face sculpture elements from Marco’s art, create a strong visual contrast between the calmness of the mask and the endless vitality of the rosefinch. We would like to appeal that Art is never limited by national boundaries, when east meets west, creativity allows art to present unprecedented vitalities in new forms.
Salute to all cultures that meet through art.

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