Marco Olivier Sculptures



Total weight of the brooch (athlete is 29.67g , 18k gold 26.269g and Titanium 2.934g along with 2.605cts of natural white diamonds)

Inspired by 《Mountains and Seas》,which is a classic ancient Chinese literature that has existed for centuries.
Rosefinch, also known as “Vermilion bird”which has a physical appearance like a Phoenix, the ancient Chinese myth of the God of the South. Rosefinch has wide wings and highly raised tails, as it’s being frozen in the moment of soaring.
We featured the image from Marco’s iconic series《This is ME》, people who hide his face but never stopped thinking the dream right inside of him.
We gave him the wings, which allows him to fly higher and far. The people may seem to be motionless but they never stopped pursuing, and the beautiful scenery ahead will always embrace brave people first.
Respect to all the unbounded souls.

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